Advancing CTNNB1 Cures and Treatments (ACCT) was formed as a nonprofit in 2019 to fund research that helps us better understand CTNNB1 Syndrome. By working with globally renowned doctors, we’re on the path to developing treatments and laying the groundwork to cure this rare disease. In 2021, we formally merged with CTNNB1 Syndrome Awareness Worldwide to also connect affected families, create awareness, and provide information and resources about CTNNB1 Syndrome.

Our organization is about community—connecting children who are affected by this rare genetic condition and supporting their parents. The Cochran and Dashiell families who founded ACCT experienced the long medical journeys that it takes to get a diagnosis. To make it through, we all need each other to help our kids reach their full potential.

“The challenges Declan faces daily bring my husband and I to our knees, and as a result, we are determined to provide him with a life of love, joy and opportunity just like we have for our daughter. This is why we have helped form this incredible charity to start treatment research that will help our Declan and other beautiful children like him live their best lives.”

Lauren Cochran, Board President

Our Mission

Advancing CTNNB1 Cures and Treatments is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to find treatments and ultimately a cure for CTNNB1 Syndrome.  

Our Vision

We aim to find safe and effective treatments to help all children and adults diagnosed with CTNNB1 Syndrome as quickly as possible. We aim to improve all areas of development including gross and fine motor function, language and learning/cognition.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of dedicated parents, business professionals, healthcare specialists, researchers, and volunteers. Learn more about our board and staff.

Lauren and Sean Cochran and their children, Declan, Emma and Elizabeth
Nicole and Alex Dashiell and their children, Caroline, Matthew and Thomas

Our Impact

To date, ACCT has raised more than $346,151 for research. See how our mission and vision has been put into action through innovative techniques that build our knowledge of the CTNNB1 gene and the path to a cure.