With your help, we believe it’s possible to find treatments for CTNNB1 Syndrome. The most important step we can take is to fund the critical research that leads to life-changing breakthroughs. And you can advance research through fundraising and raising awareness on behalf of ACCT!

Organizing a fundraiser or event doesn’t need to raise thousands of dollars to be successful. Whenever someone reaches out to their families and friends to talk about CTNNB1 Syndrome, we continue to build our community of supporters.

Fundraising Ideas

If you need some inspiration, here are some fundraising ideas to consider based on past events and ongoing virtual opportunities.

Run a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit ACCT on Giving Tuesday, Rare Disease Day, birthdays, or another special occasion

Get people together for an awareness-raising ice cream social, polar plunge, trivia night, or golf tournament

Host a holiday sale, art auction, yard sale, raffle, or bake sale with proceeds donated to ACCT research

Event Examples

From Halloween pumpkin carving to holiday floral arrangements, our community gets creative!

Featured Fundraiser

The Swift Family’s “Help Cure Evelyn Swift” fundraiser raised a remarkable $11,000 to find treatments and a cure for Evelyn and all the amazing kids diagnosed with CTNNB1 Syndrome. Together we can achieve great things.

Contact Us

Interested in hosting a fundraiser or other activity to support our community? Get in touch with your ideas and questions. We’d love to hear what you have in mind and stay in touch so that we can celebrate your event or initiative with you.